A Marketing Degree Can Open Up Many Career Options

A Marketing Degree Can Open Up Many Career Options

An undergraduate marketing degree opens many career possibilities. You could work in specialist marketing agencies or with companies ranging from financial and consumer brands to charities and local government.

Professional media production demands not only strong creativity and communication skills, but also critical thinking abilities and an awareness of media trends. You may require either a BA or BSc degree.

Learn about the industry

There is a vast array of careers you can pursue with a marketing degree, from advertising and public relations to market research and market analysis. Before investing both time and money in any program, it’s essential that you first assess whether this field suits you well.

First step to success in any industry is gaining more insight. You can do this through classes offered at your chosen school and by taking multiple courses you’ll not only increase your skills and knowledge but also get a feel for where your interests lie.

If you enjoy researching consumer trends and behavior, one path that could interest you could be working as a market research analyst. This job involves analyzing data to identify potential new markets for companies to explore; in addition to this role requiring strong written communication and analytical reasoning skills. Working as a market research analyst may prove particularly satisfying if your creative talents allow them to find ways to promote products or services effectively in unique and original ways.

Immerse yourself in the environment

Experienced brand managers, experienced market researchers and problem-solving sales reps are behind your favorite shirt, latte or song download; each time is proof of marketing’s work. Join them with a degree from an institution offering courses such as e-marketing, analytics or marketing plans!

This program is designed to give students an overview of research, strategy and current marketing trends in all facets of business from private industry to non-profits. The curriculum integrates business with STEM fields and liberal arts courses so that students develop essential 21st-century leadership, ethics and strategy skills for success in all forms of enterprise.

This program offers students a firm foundation in accounting, project management and marketing while offering them courses that meet their area of interest. Additionally, this major pairs well with various other majors including psychology, business administration, hospitality management and journalism and new media studies, providing them with cutting-edge skills needed in today’s fast-changing work world.

Meet with a professor

If you’re still undecided about which major to pursue or whether marketing or business are right for you, make an appointment with a professor from each program that interests you so you can ask questions about curriculum, career prospects, and get an understanding of what awaits as a student.

An undergraduate marketing degree equips graduates with the creativity, communication and analytical skills needed to match customers with products and services that make their lives better. Graduates may pursue careers in product development, brand management, digital marketing and e-commerce among many others.

An MSM degree offers students an in-depth exploration of advanced marketing topics and strategies, making it the ideal option for those interested in marketing as a career choice while having other leadership opportunities open to them within companies. An MBA with marketing concentration also combines business education with advanced marketing courses.

Take a sample class

Colleges often allow prospective students to attend marketing classes as part of the admissions process, providing an invaluable opportunity to assess whether or not this field meets your interests, and what learning environment would work best. Sitting in on classes such as these is also a good way to determine your ideal learning environment and help ensure the right fit!

An appropriate degree program will enable you to hone your marketing skills, from building brand loyalty to engaging audiences. Furthermore, you’ll gain knowledge on communicating messages via various media.

Marketing majors can find many interesting career options, but choosing a program that matches up with your individual interests is essential to ensure a fulfilling experience and ensures your skills will directly apply to whatever field of industry you wish to enter upon graduation.


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